ST112834029CL StopTech Brake Disc Front Driver Side stoptech sport cryo ST112834029CL StopTech Brake Disc Car Stoptech Sport Cryo Brake Disc. New Direct Fit Front Driver Side Plain Surface,STOPTECH SPORT CRYOGENIC TREATED BRAKE ROTORS. Reduce Your Ride's Stopping Distances And Smooth Out Your Braking With StopTech's Sport Cryogenic Treated Brake Rotors. Sport Cryo Rotors Have Undergone Cryogenic Treatment For Longer Service Life And Are Meticulously Developed With Advanced Power Alloy Metallurgy To Deliver Solid Protection Against Cracking And Vibration. You'll Find StopTech's Braking Components On The World's Fastest Cars Because Of Their Advanced Materials And Methods. Undergone Cryogenic Treatment Via Innovative Computer controlled Process For Longer Service Life Over 24 hour Period, Temperature Lowered To 300F, Then Brought Up To 300F, Then Back Down To Room Temp StopTech's Advanced Metallurgy Power Alloy Rotors Mean No Vibration, Squeal Or Cracks Specifically Designed To Reduce Stopping Distances And Smooth Out Braking In Wet And Dry Conditions Unique Directional Vane Styling Disperses Excessive Brake Heat More Efficiently Formerly Called SportStop Or Power Slot Rotors With 90 day Or 3,000 mile Centric Limited Warranty $116.03

The front axle StopTech pc Rotor Big Brake Kits for the 01 Ford.

Performance brake pads for aggressive street driving and track day use.

StopTech Racing Feeling Mile High After Pikes Peak Success. Pad and Rotor Bed In Theory Definitions and Procedures StopTechs Recommended Procedure for Bedding in Stock Sized Brake Systems. The system should then be allowed to cool by driving the vehicle at the highest safe speed for the. When a driver reports a vibration under hard braking inexperienced crews.

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The term warped brake disc has been in common use in motor racing for decades.

Rotor Big Brake Kits for the 01 Ford. Team StopTech Racing Update.

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