June 24th, 2019

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ST130913710 StopTech Brake Pad Set Front Driver And Passenger Side aramid fiber stoptech sport ST130913710 StopTech Brake Pad Set Car Stoptech Sport Brake Pad Set. New Direct Fit Front Driver And Passenger Side Aramid Fiber STOPTECH SPORT BRAKE PADS. Sport Brake Pads By StopTech Feature An Innovative Para aramid Pad Compound That Stays Effective When The Going Gets Hot And Other Pads Start To Fade. These Brake Pads Wear Slowly And Evenly Because They're Made By A Positive Molding Process That Produces Pads With Consistent Densities. You'll Find StopTech's Braking Components On The World's Fastest Cars Because Of Their Advanced Materials And Methods. Advanced Para aramid Compound Creates A Great Deal Of Friction Dyno tested For Optimum Operation And Longer Service Life Fade resistant, Stays Effective When Other Pads Start To Fail Extremely High pressure Molding Process For Even Pad Density, Even Pad Wear High heat Scorching Process Removes Impurities For Quick Bed in Specifically Engineered For Light Track Use And Autocross Formerly Called Street Performance Pads Lab tested Formula Facilitates Stronger Bite With Stoptech 90 Day Limited Warranty $121.55

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