ST193834512 StopTech Brake Disc and Pad Kit Rear stoptech street ST193834512 StopTech Brake Disc And Pad Kit Car Stoptech Street Brake Disc And Pad Kit. New Direct Fit Rear STOPTECH STREET AXLE PACKS. Reduce Your Ride's Stopping Distances And Smooth Out Your Braking With StopTech's Street Axle Packs. They Include Sport Brake Rotors Which Incorporate Slots Andor Drilled Holes For Better Brake Bite, Along With Street Brake Pads For High friction, Low dust Stopping Power Specifically Engineered For Daily Drivers And Touring. You'll Find StopTech's Braking Components On The World's Fastest Cars Because Of Their Advanced Materials And Methods. Sport Brake Rotors And Street Brake Pads Included Rotors' Power Alloy Metallurgy Mean No Vibration, Squeal Or Cracks Slotting Andor Drilling Discs Whisks Dust And Debris Away, Giving You Better Brake Bite E coated Rotors Resist Corrosion And Rust More So Than Standard Replacement Rotors Designed To Reduce Stopping Distances And Smooth Out Braking In Wet And Dry Conditions Pads Dyno tested For Quieter, Optimum Operation And Longer Service Life High friction, Low dust Compound Specifically Engineered For Daily Drivers And Touring Precise, Secure Fit Thanks To OE style Design And Premium Hardware With Stoptech 90 Day Limited Warranty $254.40

StopTech Big Brake and Aero Rotor Replacement Parts.

FREE SHIPPING on most orders St112734049r Stoptech Brake Disc Rear Passenger Side Stoptech Sport. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these?

In fact every case of warped brake disc that I have investigated whether on a racing car or a street car has turned out to be friction pad material transferred. How to properly bed in your StopTech Sport Brake Pads Wrephy462108catg Autotrust Gold Interior Door Handle 826103d010 Front Or Rear Driver Side Plastic Hy1352106chrome.

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1 Brake Disc and Pad in stock and available to buy here in Auto Parts Warehouse.

And help wipe away the debris that forms between the pad and the disc. StopTech slotted drilled and drilled slotted brake rotors prevent glazing of the pads.

Pad in stock and available to buy here in Auto Parts Warehouse. StopTech Balanced Big Wreph013155atg Autotrust Gold Bumper Bracket 865543x000 Front Passenger Side Outer Plastic Hy1043109.

BRAKE PAD PERFORMANCE IS ENHANCED BY CARRYING OUT A PAD ROTOR BREAK IN Wreph762136atg Autotrust Gold Bumper Reinforcement 866303y000 Rear Fiberglass Hy1106145gelcoat. StopTech Trophy Sport Big Brake Caliper Components and Pads.

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